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The charitable programs are among the ways that NorthWestern Energy participates as an active participant in the communities where we do business.

  • NorthWestern Energy will consider all qualified non-profit organizations (must provide proof of non-profit status) that meet our guidelines.
  • Requests for physical improvements and equipment purchases are generally favored over operating funds except in the case of social service organizations such as the United Way.
  • United Way is heavily supported through direct donations and matching gifts of our employees and retirees. Therefore, individual United Way agency requests will generally not be considered except for capital projects.
  • Donations will not be made to national organizations, but may be made to local affiliates providing services within our communities.
  • Donations will not be made to support political activities or organizations established to primarily influence legislation – nor will contributions be made for religious purposes.
  • Donations will not be made to, or on behalf of, individuals.
  • Donations generally will not be made in support of fraternal, service, veteran, social groups or sporting events. These may be considered for discretionary giving.
  • The company generally does not fund economic and commercial development projects.

While we seek to support a wide range of community activities, donations will generally be made to those non-profit groups that have the greatest opportunity for positively affecting the communities we serve and are focused in one of the following categories:

Education remains a primary focus of the company. Donations to education will primarily be made through university system foundations, scholarship programs, and employee matching gifts. Donations will also be made in support of local colleges, and special primary and secondary education programs in the fields of math, science and youth leadership.

Donations will be considered for organizations serving human needs such as the United Way, youth homes and special community health and safety needs. Donations will generally not be made to national health organizations or for medical equipment or research funds.

Donations will be considered for civic improvement, special events, and youth and senior citizen organizations.

Donations will be considered for local museums, libraries, cultural centers and the performing arts.

Donations will be considered in the areas of habitat preservation, and fish and wildlife protection.

Donations should generally be monetary only. In limited instances, non-monetary gifts may be considered. We prefer not to fund multi-year requests.

Considerations include:

  • Whether the activity or need to be served is in the geographic area served by the company or where the company has a significant business operation.
  • Previous history of contributions. In the absence of the pledge of a donation to be paid over a number of years, organizations must submit requests each time they wish to be considered. The company will not donate annual, automatic contributions to any organization.
  • The perceived effectiveness of the organization, the need for the activity or facility relative to other organizations in the community or region.
  • The level of support being received by the organization from the area in which it operates and from other sources. Generally, we do not wish to provide the sole funding for a project.
  • The funds available to us.
  • Any other factor relevant to the application at hand.

All applications will be considered as received. Applicants may expect a response within approximately twelve weeks (quarterly).

Please do not overwrite a previous application in the system. Create a new application for each unique grant request.

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